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I think I’ll get all of their checks and put them in a frame for some art in my living room.

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Under current Michigan law, any able-bodied male over the age of 18 can be required to assist the Department of Natural Resources in an emergency situation

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We carry a wide range of federal agency documentation, including but not limited to regulations from the FAA, FCC and FDA

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Even though your test result may have been above the legal limit, this does not necessarily mean that you were above the legal limit at the time of driving which is what the law is concerned with

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This single cell, known as a "zygote" in biology, will instantly begin reproducing by dividing, and eventually become a "piece of flesh," called an embryo

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I don’t know who to donate to in New York, but a Yelp search for charity shops should find you something..

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A TMR is where we mail or fax suggestions to your doctor every three months about prescription drugs that may be safer, or work better than your current drugs

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