Full-Time Coach

Looking for an individual who is passionate about fitness and wants to share the passion to other people

Owner’s Note

One thing that I’ve realized being a trainer myself before opening Empire Fit Club, is that there is no clear career path for the coaches. A lot of the time, coaches are stuck doing the same thing for years on end, and this is something that I do not want to happen to my coaches. Hence, I want to make sure that the career path in Empire Fit Club is clear and competitive.

I understand the struggle and what the coaches are going through. Therefore, I fully know the concern that coaches may have.

We are aware that we have a high standard for our coaches because we want to make sure that our coaches have an international standard of coaching.

Empire Fit Club has a plan on expanding the business and becoming one of the recognized fitness brands in all of Asia. In order to achieve that goal, we need good people and good coaches to help us run the program and communicate to our community as well as deliver our service to the best of our ability.

If you are looking to be a coach as a career, we are happy to hear from you. Feel free to ask us any questions!


  • Fitness certification
  • Valid first aid and CPR certification
  • Highly motivated, target-driven, and able to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment
  • Willing to learn and continuously pursue further education in fitness


  • Clear career path within the company
  • Build your experience in teaching group classes and personal training
  • Learn from a team of coaches that will help you further your coaching skill
  • Receive incentives for additional education certification
  • Be a part of a close-knit community
  • Competitive salary with many perks as you take on more responsibilities
  • Exposure through Empire Fit Club’s social media

Why Empire?

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