3D2N | Empire Obstacle Course Workshop

Fri, 21 – Sun, 23 June 2019

10AM (FRI, 21 JUN) – 12PM (SUN, 23 JUN)


Workshop Description – Obstacle course racing is one of the fastest growing sports as of late. The combination of strength, speed, endurance, dexterity, and agility makes this sport challenging but accessible to everyone.

With the major brands like Spartan Race, Viper Challenge, True Grit, Tough Mudder, and so much more, these weekend races all over allows you to put your training and skills to the test while tackling the unique outdoor terrain in each region. Can’t also forget that they are a lot of fun to be a big kid again.

This workshop will be led by the elite obstacle course racers in Asia, and will help you learn efficient obstacle techniques and how to plan your training around it. How to add obstacles to elevate your current training, training styles effective in developing anaerobic and aerobic system, the importance of running, the power of breath-work and recovery, nutritional tips and more to help you add onto your training toolkit and further succeed in your workouts and competitions.



This workshop is open to participants of all fitness levels. No obstacle experience or racing is required. Come ready to train, sweat, learn, and willingness to challenge yourself.


led by:

Johnny Tieu

(Elite Obstacle Course Racer, Spartan Pro Team, Nike Trainer, Fitness Consultant)

Currently ranked as the #1 obstacle course racer in Asia, Johnny is an Elite Obstacle course racer (22 Podiums in 2018 – 40 lifetime OCR Podium), Triathlete, ultra trail runner, and full functional athlete.

He has trained, motivated, and led clients to compete and win in various competitions throughout Asia and in the US. No matter what your level of fitness is, Johnny’s style of training will have you sweat drenched and questioning all other workouts you have gone to before.

His motivation is to build you up and have you striving for more.

Adinda Sukardi

(Empire Fit Club Coach & Under Armour athlete, Elite Obstacle Course Racer, Power Of Breath Practitioner, HIIT and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Runner)

From humble beginnings to where she is now, Adinda is an inspiring fitness figure for women all over the world. She thrives to promote and elevate a healthy way of life to everyone she touches. She believes that the incredible journey of life can only be travelled through the decisions that we make.

Speed, strength, sufficient love is found in wellness of both the heart and mind. Health is a composition of how we feed our brain, it’s what we put in our diet and awaken through the understanding of body sustainability. We decide how we want to live.


Day 1 – Friday, June 21:

10 AM – 11:15: Meet and Greet, Obstacle course drills / Workout / Metabolic conditioning

Location: Empire Fit Club Bali

Description: Welcoming all workshop attendee and briefing of the schedule of events. OCR and high intensity functional workout demonstrating  specifics movements and routine that can elevate your training and race performance. Focus on aerobic and anaerobic system conversion.

5-6 PM: Obstacle Skills / Technique Sharing / Race Nutrition & Fueling

Location: Empire Fit Club Bali

Description: Demonstration of obstacle efficiency and race tactics. Discussion of weaknesses, workout that can aid with obstacle success, nutrition tips, Q&A

Day 2 – Saturday, June 22:

7:30 – 8:30AM: Beach Training – Terrain conditioning, running technique, fartlek

Location: Beach

Description: Running is one of the most important parts of OCR. Mastering running drills and workouts, tackling how to run on changing conditions and surfaces. Utilizing road running techniques on soft and sink surfaces to generate efficiency/aerobic capacity.

5-6PM: Power of Breath workshop

Location: Empire Fit Club Bali

Description: A breathing technique that assist in releasing muscle tension and tightness. Through the power of breath, we will be able to fix our posture, lengthen our spine, practice opening of the chest to create more space for our oxygen to travel to our brain and other parts of the body, and not only improve our brain health and physical performance, but also meditate our mind and achieve freedom of day to day movement.

Day 3 – Sunday, June 23:

10 – 11:30AM: OCR Simulation / Competition / Debrief

Location: Empire Fit Club Bali

Description: Let’s put the training to the test for a fun all out competition on the Empire OC!


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