Empire Online Fitness Program (OFP)

Our Online Fitness Program is designed by our coach specifically catered to your fitness level & goals.

It is a minimum of 60 days that consists of 4-5 training days per week.

The method of training that we implement will push you closer towards your specific goals such as getting stronger, faster, leaner, building more muscle and also optimize your performance.

Choose from either our 2 months or 3 months program (Recommended for maximum results!).


Whatsapp us here at +62 811-8248-882


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Note: It is required for you to complete the initial form & payment on the Friday before the start of your program in the coming Monday.

This program will include:
1. Mandatory form check class at 10.30-11.30am (Jakarta time) via Zoom on Saturday (one-time only before you start your program)
• You will be able to interact with our coach as they assess your form and technique in order for you to be able to engage the correct muscle groups during your training.
• You will also be taught how to warm up and cool down properly in order to minimize the risk of injuries.
2. Initial assessment call on Saturday to discuss about your current goals and expectations.
3. A second meeting that will be scheduled on Sunday to discuss your weekly training program.
4. Weekly check-ins every Friday where you will be able to send via WhatsApp:
• Video of your first set of each movement
• Pictures of all your meals
• Questions
• Adjustments and feedback

Kindly adhere to your scheduled day (Friday) to send your videos, photos and questions as it will help us ensure that we are taking care of all of our clients.