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The Empire Fit Club Online Personalized Programme is catered to those who have specific goals that they would like to target. You can train from either the gym or at home, with whatever equipment you have.


Choose from either a 30-day, 2 months or 3 months programme (Recommended for maximum results!).


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the personalized program a daily workout? What is the frequency that we are supposed to do at home? How long is each workout?

Yes it is a personalized program for 30 days so each day is a different workout. It will look something like this:

Week 1
Monday: Upper Body Strength Workout a, b, c ,d
Tuesday: Lower Body Strength Workout a, b, c ,d
Wednesday: Full Body Strength Workout a, b, c ,d
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Full Body HIIT Workout a, b, c, d

The frequency will be determined later after you have completed your assessment, though it is usually a minimum of 4x a week.

Each program depends on your pace, our coach will recommend based on your fitness level, and you can do it at your own time and pace. Each workout will be different, but roughly 45 – 60 min.

  • Can you define what is “regular check-in?” Does it mean the coach will video call / watch u do the exercise? If so, how often?

Yes, our coach will call or video call you to check in.

The call will happen during your first assessment. Following which, once the program has been prepared for you, our coach will make sure you understand the whole program, movement, etc., our coach will teach you how to tackle each workout.

Before the workout starts, you can have a call or video call with our coach to ensure that you understand it, and that your form is correct.

There are no fixed number of calls here because we will try to help as much as we can.

  • Does it also mean you can take a video of yourself doing it, then send it to the coach for checking?
Yes, you can do this too. In case you decide to do the workout during the time when our coach is unavailable i.e late at night, you can record it, and send it to them – They will be able give you feedback and guide you as much as we can.
  • I’m interested in signing my parents and siblings up for the program; do you have a minimum age requirement for it?

The youngest member we have is 15 years old and oldest is 50. We will need to check their age, and assess their background, and any pre-existing health conditions/injuries prior to the program.

For this arrangement, you will need to purchase 2 different programs as the workouts for your sibling will be completely different compared to the program for your parents.

  • I’m being coached through livestream Personal Training now, is your format similar to the 1-2hrs of livestream coaching as well?

No, our coach will not be on the call, or watch you, throughout the entire training. You will receive a 30-day program but you will do it at your own timing. The call will happen during your first assessment, and also followed by when the program is ready, our coach will ensure u understand the whole program, movements, etc. Refer above for the full explanation.

  • What if I don’t have any equipment at home?
If you live in Jakarta/ Bali, you may rent equipment from our gyms. You get to enjoy 40% off on the rental fee if you are signed onto our online personalized program.
If you don’t live in Jakarta/Bali, and don’t want to buy equipment, we can get creative together – using weighted backpack loaded with books, water bottles, chairs, and whatever is available at home to use.
  • How many times a week is the training and how long does it take?
The training will be 4 – 5x per week. A workout usually takes around 45 – 60 mins depending on your pace and how intense you go.
  • Will I get the same program again for the next month if I decided to continue the program after 30 days?
No, the program will change according to your progress, which will show after 2-4 weeks of training, so you will not get the same program again in the following month.