Special Guest Athlete
Indonesia Weightlifting Team 77kg Weight Class
Best Snatch: 155kg
Best Clean and Jerk: 190kg
10+ years of weightlifting experience

Gold: Asian Championship 2013
Silver: Asian Championship 2014
#5 in the world: World Championship 2014
#9 in the world: World Championship 2015
Olympic 2016
Gold Medalist: Sea Games 2017


Week 1-2: Weightlifting techniques, where we will focus mainly on techniques and find what we need to work on each athlete.

Week 3-4: Weightlifting Strength, where we will start applying strength elements in the lifts. This will be heaviest weeks of all where the focus is 70/30 Strength/Technique.

Week 5: Deload week. 60/40 Technique/Strength.

Week 6: Testing Week.

This is the basic format, progamming will vary on training where it depends a lot on each athlete’s needs, fitness level and experience.

Recommended level: Intermediate – Advanced.


IDR 300k (1 class drop-in)

Full 6 week programme (18 Classes)

IDR 2,5 mil (Monthly Members Special)

IDR 3,5 mil (Public)