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Access, you can now find the right doctor in a German city of your choice, and directly book an appointment

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Except for one of the hem/onc attendings who always introduces me to the patients as "Doctor Blockhouse" along with the rest of the team

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application at his desk Remember friends, we are a very important team, not just for testing but for


The main reason is that Canadian drug companies are regulated by the government in terms of how much they can charge for medications


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birth weight baby seen in this study was just because the babies were more likely to be born earlier,

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as assessed by urinary excretion, was not changed by concomitant administration of an antacid containing

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According to the Sense of Smell Institute, deep friendships and romantic alliances are dependent upon, what scientists identify as, olfactory bonding.

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Nerve block injections using lidocaine, which is similar to the medication used at the dentist's office for numbing the gums, represent another option for difficult-ro-treat migraines in pregnancy

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Pure monetary rewards for donated organs, she argues, could quickly pave the way for the poorest people being exploited.